Dr. Pradeep Jakka

(Today, I am very excited to share Journey of life of Dr. Pradeep Jakka.  I am confident to say, it is not only a miracle but a will power that a person who got treatment for disorder called “Schizophrenia” can successfully complete his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.  I salute Dr. Pradeep Jakka, an author for his will power and dedication to his work.)

Date of Birth: 01-08-1987

Mobile No: 8639553586.


Blog site:

Field of interest: Author

About yourself                        

I was taking treatment in NIMHANS out patient Psychiatric department for a disorder called “Schizophrenia” from 2006 onwards. Now I have completed my PhD in Educational Psychology from Sri Venkateswara University, Andhra Pradesh. I am also qualified in NET Exam in psychology. Without any background knowledge, support and guidance I completed my research. I have no regrets in life because I didn’t do big mistakes. I want to do my Post Doctoral Research further and I want become a scientist in life. I am interested to examine the aspects of mental disorders and find out new things about abnormal psychology. My biography is in “Asia Pacific Who’s Who” volume 16.

Presently working as an Assistant Professor (on contract), Department of Applied Psychology, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Tiruvarur.

Your best and memorable event of life

After I got qualified in NET exam a woman came to know about me and she has spoken to me from Australia. It is the best moment in my life. She is not only a IT consultant, but also a soft skill trainer and also an excellent actor. I am really happy to have spoken with a talented woman like her.

Your toughest moment of life  

Life is a mystery for me. It had been an unknown tomorrow always. After I got NET qualification my life become very certain and happy.

Your Strength                         

Positive personality.

Your weakness                       

Emotional imbalance

About your work (Name of Books)   

1) Jeevana Parishkaralu (Telugu)
2) Ee kshanam Dyanam (Telugu)
3) Chaduvu Kuntunnama? Chaduvu Kontunnama? (Telugu)
4) Are You a Zero?
5) Fearless Indian
6) Distress Management
7) A simple Gita to Modern Life
8) Who Am I?
9) Memory: Questions and Answers
10) Words of Positivity
11) Be a Warrior
12) Love Intelligence

Your work-life balancing journey          

It is really a tough journey but I made it successfully. I am confident that I will become prosperous and will be recognized as a life time achiever at the end. Tough Times Never Lost But Tough People Do.

Your positive message to society       

Be strong. Strength is life and weakness is death. You have to cross fear, anxiety, depression, frustration, failure and criticism to become successful in life. Dar ke agee  jeeth hai! (डर के आगे जीत है!)  Life is hard, so go hard at it. Always remember, your life depends on the quality of the response you choose. So be positive and dream big in life. You are what your thoughts have made you. So think about strength and you will become strong.

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Dr Ravi

Superb turn around. Now your inspiration to many. Wish you many more achievements.

Ritu gupta

Very nice n encouraging positivity

Dr A C V Ramakumar

nice work sir…keep it up….


He is inspiration

Jai prakash Pandey

Nice post. Good work. Congrats

V sreenu

Very nice


Really nice..