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(It is difficult to comment about young author Mr Ashish Kumar and his mythological/spiritual writing.  He has well researched Hindu Philosophy, Science and quest of success beyond the material realms. I am really mesmerized.  I am sure you will be also amazed.  We are pleased to begin a series on excerpts from his well acclaimed book  “Samudramanthanam” .  According to Mr Ashish  “Samudramanthanam is less explained and explored till date. I have tried to give broad way of this one of the most important chapter of Hindu mythology. I have read many scriptures and take references from many temples and folk stories, to present the all possible aspects of portrait of Samudramanthanam.”  Now our distinguished readers will be able to read this series on every Saturday.)    

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☆ Weekly Column – Samudramanthanam – 20 – Alakshmi☆ 

Worshiping of ALakshmi is necessary so that she can leave and make place for beautiful ‘Lakshmi’. If you disrespect ‘ALakshmi’ she will leave you only to taste bidder lemon and chill and allow ‘Lakshmi’ to come, which you can welcome with sweet. This is the darkest night of kartik month called nark chuturdashi, bhhot chaudas and at this night you must accept darkness of universe and your inside then tomorrow you will definitely see beautiful ‘Lakshmi’

Alakshmi folded her hand towards Lord Vishnu and said, “O! my God. Thank you to be so gentle on me. Now I was born. I am the byproduct of people sins. Now I want to do merry. Please suggest me some Bridegroom”

Lord Vishnu saw towards sages, smiles and said, “sage Uddalaka would you like to be do marrying my elder sister-in-law, Alakshmi?”

Uddalaka said, “my dear God what is most pleasing then be your in -law, because Lakshmi is your wife and Alakshmi is her elder sister”

The wedding over, the sage took his wife to his ashram, but she found the place utterly unsuitable for herself. The chanting of the sacred hymns pained her. The atmosphere of peace, serenity and spirituality in the ashram suffocated her. Alakshmi ran out of the house right on to the street. The sage was distressed to see this. He found her conduct not only disgraceful but also completely incomprehensible. He asked her why she ran out of home, why she was crying and what she had found so terribly wrong in his ashram.

Then she told him what he never knew: she could not live in a Satwik (spiritually pure) environment and could live in only a Tamasik (spiritually degenerate) one. She could live where people are violent, hate one another, are jealous of one another, quarrel among themselves, praise themselves and engage in malicious talk about one another, steal, practice no sexual discipline, and where there is the smell of cooked meat. In essence, she could not live where there is cleanliness, calm, contentment and understanding, and where the sacred fire is lit and sacred mantras chanted.

The sage was aghast. He realized that he simply could not live with that woman. Such a woman would bring home only unhappiness and kula (lineage) only disgrace and eventually become the cause of her husband’s degradation in this world and in the other world too. He knew what the shastras had said; one must never live with a woman who is foul-mouthed, quarrelsome and negative. The virtuous sage did not hate her; nor did he feel cheated by Vishnu. He had no complaints against anyone. But at the same time, he realized that there was no possibility at all that his marriage with Alakshmi would work. She was not going to live in the ashram and he was not going to give up life as a sage and neither wanted to impose on the other the life one liked to live. He decided to abandon her.

Uddalaka soon approaches towards the side of ocean churning and said to Lod Vishnu, “My Lord I can’t live with Alakshmi”

Soon ‘Alakshmi also came and stood silence.

Lord Vishnu said, “Ok now I request the tree of Piple, Ficus religiosa to merry with you”


© Ashish Kumar

New Delhi

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