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(It is difficult to comment about young author Mr Ashish Kumar and his mythological/spiritual writing.  He has well researched Hindu Philosophy, Science and quest of success beyond the material realms. I am really mesmerized.  I am sure you will be also amazed.  We are pleased to begin a series on excerpts from his well acclaimed book  “Samudramanthanam” .  According to Mr Ashish  “Samudramanthanam is less explained and explored till date. I have tried to give broad way of this one of the most important chapter of Hindu mythology. I have read many scriptures and take references from many temples and folk stories, to present the all possible aspects of portrait of Samudramanthanam.”  Now our distinguished readers will be able to read this series on every Saturday.)    

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☆ Weekly Column – Samudramanthanam – 21 – Lakshmi☆ 

Now green color lotus emerges from ocean over which another form of Goddess was sitting.  She was Santana Lakshmi (“Progeny Lakshmi “) is the goddess of bestowing offspring.

She emerges with eight arms from which one arm has holding a baby, who by itself holds a lotus in its hands. Two of her arms has a shield and a sword, with two more holding a water pitcher decorated with mango leaves and topped with a coconut. One hand is in the Abhaya Mudra which signifies the dispelling of darkness and conferring the boon of a child. She is seated on a green color lotus attired in red and yellow garments, wearing a garland of flowers and draped in gold jewelry.

She takes east position in sky to witness churning.

All these incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi were emerging on the Kartik month Amavasya or Diwali.

Next yellow color lotus starts appearing over which Veera Lakshmi (“Valorous Lakshmi “) or Dhairya Lakshmi (“Courage Lakshmi “) the goddess who bestows valor during battles and courage plus strength for overcoming difficulties in life was sitting.

Veera Lakshmi appears with eight arms, dressed in red clothing and draped in gold ornaments and flowers. She was seated on a yellow lotus and wields several weapons in her hands like a disc, bow, arrow and a trident or sword. She also holds a conch and several palm leaf scriptures. Two hands were portrayed in the Abhaya Mudra and Varadh Mudra postures that dispels fear, while signifying safety, reassurance and generosity. Her charming and peaceful countenance evokes a feeling of love and compassion, which instills fortitude and determination in the hearts of her devotees.

She takes south position in the sky to welcome her Goddess Maha Lakshmi.

Once again churning started. It is noon time and soon a light pink lotus appear over which Vijaya Lakshmi was sitting. Vijaya Lakshmi or Jaya Lakshmi (“Victorious Lakshmi “) is the goddess and the giver of victory, not only in battles. but also, for conquering hurdles in order to achieve success. She came as eight-armed, in red garments, carrying the chakra, shankh, sword, shield, lotus, pasha, other two hands in Abhaya mudra and Varada mudra.

She takes north east position in the sky.

Again, churning started. Next comes blue lotus over which sitting Vidya Lakshmi (“Knowledge Lakshmi “) the goddess and the bestowed of knowledge of arts and sciences. She is dressed in a white saree and has a resemblance to the goddess Saraswati. She holds a book of Vedas, a peacock feather as a pen, Varad mudra and Abhay mudra.

She takes north west position in the sky.

So, seven forms of Goddess Lakshmi till now appeared who were waiting to welcome Goddess MahaLakshmi the wife and other half of Lord Vishnu.

Then different types of smell started  coming and a special white lotus appears over which four goddesses were seating. These four were also minor incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi apart from seven form of Goddess Lakshmi who appeared before.

These four are:

Aishwarya Lakshmi (“Prosperity Lakshmi “) the Goddess of riches only form of Lakshmi Goddess who mounts horse.

Saubhagya Lakshmi (“Giver of good Fortune”) she Gives prosperity in general.

Rajya Lakshmi (“Royal Lakshmi “) She who blesses rulers (with power) and

Vara Lakshmi (“Boon Lakshmi “) The goddess who bestows boons.

All these minor forms of Goddess Lakshmi take position of middle in sky.

Then Lord Vishnu appears and said, “This is the most auspicious time of year the kuhu kala moon of Amavasya of Kartik month. Night of Diwali and this is the time to emerge Goddess ‘Maha Lakshmi’.

Soon Lord Shiv with Goddess Parvati also appear. Then all three Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati take position before Lord Brahma.

After sometimes Goddess Saraswati also comes to welcome Goddess ‘Laskhmi’ in real form.

All remaining goddess and god have secured their position to witness most beautiful moment of the universe ever saw.

Then come Goddess Alakshmi, the elder sister of Goddess Lakshmi on her Mount ‘Owl’.

Lord Vishnu said, “all possible incarnation of mine. Which already incarnated and also whose about to incarnation wants to see this beautiful moment. So, from my inside all my ten Avtars will appears”

Then Lord Vishnu form start growing all around and ten faces, five at one side and five other side emerge from Lord Vishnu body. Yes, ten Avtars Matsya; Kurma; Varaha; Narasimha; Vamana; Parashurama; Rama; Krishna; Buddha Krishna; and Kalki. Faces were visible all-around Lord Vishnu.

Gandharvas came from heaven and started to play their divine instruments of music and apsaras started dancing all around.

All great sage doing chanting of holy mantras of Vedas.

Then at the most auspicious moment of universe on the night of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi appears as a calm and loving lady with golden complexion dressed in bright colors red and adorned with precious jewels.

She has Four arms which represents the four ends of human life, Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kama (desires) and Moksha (liberation).

She wears bright clothes and Ornaments: represent prosperity.

She holds lotus bud in two of her hands, which stands for beauty, purity, spirituality and fertility.

She sits on a fully blossomed dark pink lotus which signifies the seat of divine truth. It also indicates rising above worldly impurities. The four elephants which showering over her four kind of divine liquids symbolize the royal power.

A cascades of gold coins are seen flowing from her hands, this represents her as goddess of wealth. the one who blesses everyone with wealth.

An aura of divine happiness, mental and spiritual satisfaction, and prosperity always exists around Maha Lakshmi.

An owl emerges from the body of her elder sister Alakshmi and sits near Maha Lakshmi as a vehicle for Maha Lakshmi. Owl sleeps through the day and keeps awake during night. This denotes that if you want to attain success, you must remain awake when others are sleeping.

As Goddess Maha Lakshmi’s first view appears all the suffering of world vanished. Then Lord Shiva said, “Goddess of abundant Lord Vishnu is lifeless without you. You are one for which this churning of ocean is happening. Now you are here again to guide people, I think this churning must be stopped and I declare and request Saprtrishi to do a marriage of you with Lord Vishnu”

Lord Vishnu looks towards Lord Shiva and said with smile, “Mahdeva, your gentility is beyond world. Yes, Vishnu is incomplete without his power Goddess Maha Lakshmi. Now we will marriage and will take blessings of yours and Spatrishis and of Lord Brahma. As you said for common people this churning is end because Goddess of prosperity is here in absent of which life is not worth of living for people of earth but there is one more important aspect is there to do this churning and that is to get liquid of immortality ‘Amrita’. As blessings of Goddess Lakshmi are necessary for people of earth. The amrita is required for Sura of heaven and Asura of underworld. So, I request you to allow your permission to start this churning again.”

Lord Shiva said, “As you please Lord”

Then marriage of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi happened and after enjoyment and festival celebration churning of ocean started again.

Goddess MahaLakshmi starts living with God Vishnu.

Dhana Lakshmi with people who use money wisely to run house of poor people.

Dhanya Lakshmi with farmers.

Gaja Lakshmi with people who understand and give equal right to animals.

Santana Lakshmi bless children to whom who never do partiality between children.

Veera/Dhairya Lakshmi starts live with people who show bravery to help who required help.

Jaya/Vijaya Lakshmi bless people victory who can justify that.

Vidya Lakshmi with people who do regular study of nature.

Aishwarya Lakshmi gives nine types of luxuries.

Saubhagya Lakshmi make people fortunate.

Rajya Lakshmi gives kingdom.

Vara Lakshmi gives  people boon who deserved it.


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