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☆ BUDDHA –  A Beautiful Story from the Buddha☆ 

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A Beautiful Story from the Buddha

The Buddha spoke to his son, the young novice Rahula, soon after the boy was ordained..

One day the Buddha came to Rahula, pointed to a bowl with a little bit of water in it, and asked: “Rahula, do you see this bit of water left in the bowl?”

Rahula answered: “Yes, sir.”

“So little, Rahula, is the spiritual achievement of one who is not afraid to speak a deliberate lie.”

Then the Buddha threw the water away, put the bowl down, and said: “Do you see, Rahula, how that water has been discarded?

“In the same way, one who tells a deliberate lie, discards whatever spiritual achievement he has made.”

Again, he asked: “Do you see how this bowl is now empty?

“In the same way, one who has no shame in speaking lies is empty of spiritual achievement.”

Then the Buddha turned the bowl upside down and said: “Do you see, Rahula, how this bowl has been turned upside down?

“In the same way, one who tells a deliberate lie turns his spiritual achievement upside down and becomes incapable of progress.”

Therefore, the Buddha concluded, one should not speak a deliberate lie even in jest.

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