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(It is difficult to comment about young author Mr Ashish Kumar and his mythological/spiritual writing.  He has well researched Hindu Philosophy, Science and quest of success beyond the material realms. I am really mesmerized.  I am sure you will be also amazed.  We are pleased to present self-review and excerpts from his  recently released  book  Avyakhyaam – The Unexplainable.  It is a collection of 61 stories published by Book Rivers.)    

☆ Book-Review/Abstract ☆ Avyakhyaam – The Unexplainable ☆ 

Well, during lock-down when I was stuck in Delhi alone. One night I decided to watch some old horror show on internet. Yes, I was alone when during show light gone and I heard some unusual sound.

Then I realized that even today also most exciting topic is not politics or cricket or some pandemic but is horror.  Spooky feeling which send shivering in spine is beyond explanation.

Suddenly an idea strike in my mind “Why not this time, I write over these kinds of topics?”

Yes topics which make anyone weak over legs and most of the scientists or intellectual people don’t want to discuss about them.

Then I took a deep drive on my memory lane to childhood to pick all those events, objects, scenarios, persons etc. which even now making sensation in my body and mind when I am writing these lines.

In my latest book Avyakhyaam means unexplainable, I have written 61 short stories.  Some are based on negative entities which are popular in our folklore, in rural areas, like Bhoot, Churail etc., others are based on our customs, like way of worship, way of living etc. Some are just physiological concepts but impacts our life. Even some stories are based on scientific phenomena and concepts which are unsolved or partially solved till date. I enlisted the titles of all 61 stories as under :

  1. Aghori
  2. Electricity
  3. Nasha
  4. Hospital
  5. Black Magic
  6. Magnetism
  7. Mythology
  8. Murda Ghar
  9. Psycho
  10. Quantum physics
  11. God
  12. Snake
  13. Paranormal
  14. Space Science
  15. Devta
  16. Shart
  17. Yamdoot
  18. Entanglement
  19. Shubh Ratri
  20. Darr
  21. Jinn
  22. Retro Causality
  23. Aakash
  24. Bhasha
  25. Bhoot
  26. Samay
  27. Vayu
  28. Joker
  29. Churail
  30. Absolute zero temperature
  31. Agani
  32. Bhavishyavarta
  33. Vampire
  34. Entropy
  35. Nazar Lagna
  36. Tree
  37. Rahu Kaalam
  38. Mathematics
  39. Earth
  40. Calendar
  41. Music
  42. Peepal ka ped
  43. Aliens
  44. Asura
  45. Rang
  46. Mata Aana
  47. Mrityu
  48. Crow
  49. Virus
  50. Daab ka Banda
  51. Kali Haldi
  52. Sunya
  53. Ultra-Violate
  54. Vastu
  55. Uttara Puttara
  56. Book
  57. Bhagya
  58. AI
  59. Coincidence
  60. Mani Maayi
  61. Shadow

☆  Excerpts from the book  -Mythology ☆

Shail is a writer who mainly writes for stage drama, is sitting with some friends and drinking wine in his home at night. One of his friends asked, “Dear Shail, I remember well that you were an Atheist, non-believer of God, but now you write stories only based on Mythology, and get success because of those stories. How did this happen? Are you now believing in God or finally understand that in India, mostly people’s first love is still mythological stories?”

Shail laughed, and then said, “No, my dear friends, I am still an atheist, but know that in India people can do anything in the name of God.”

Another friend of Shail, name Kapil asked, “But you hate Mythology, then why and how did you start writing those types of stories?”

Shail said, “This is a great secret which no one knows, but you all are my very good friends, so I am going to tell you. Listen carefully. In college one day, Kapil and I had an argument at a tea stall outside the college. Kapil, that time you said that Shail you chose writing as your profession. It is very good and I am very excited. Dear Shail, your first story must be based on some Mythological character. Do you remember what I replied at that time? I said that you are stupid, all those stories and characters are fiction, and created by many intelligent people at different times to fool people. All Gods, Goddess, nothing actually exists, and If you ask me, that anyone thing which I hate most, are India’s Mythological stories. I’ll never waste my words on them. After listing this you went inside the college to attend a lecture, and I was also about to depart but someone kept his right hand over my solider. I turned around and saw a very old person who wore orange clothes and sun-marks over his forehead, long grey beard, and a smiling face, called in his pleasant voice. “So, you don’t believe in God and are going to make a career in story writing. Then my wishes to you. You will make a good career as a writer but remember, you will get success only if you write Mythological stories and you think all Gods and Mythological stories and characters are fiction. So remember, that from every Mythological story that you write, one character or incidence will take real form from your story when that story is performed on stage or shot in a film. You will never know which incidence or character will go live from your story till it actually performs.

Read Mythology in Avyakhyaam


© Ashish Kumar

New Delhi

≈  Blog Editor – Shri Hemant Bawankar/Editor (English) – Captain Pravin Raghuvanshi, NM ≈

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