ravin Raghuvanshi, NM

(We are extremely thankful to Captain Pravin Raghuvanshi Ji for sharing his literary and artworks with e-abhivyakti.  An alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, Capt. Pravin has served the country at national as well international level in various fronts. Presently, working as Senior Advisor, C-DAC in Artificial Intelligence and HPC Group; and involved in various national-level projects.

We present an English Version of Shri Sanjay Bhardwaj’s Hindi Poetry  “वेदनाएं ”  published previously as ☆ संजय  दृष्टि – वेदनाएं   We extend our heartiest thanks to the learned author  Captain Pravin Raghuvanshi Ji (who is very well conversant with Hindi, Sanskrit,  English and Urdu languages) for this beautiful translation.)

☆ Endured  anguish ☆


Smelted constantly

 in  ceaseless inferno,

  Amalgamated everyday

   in the  virulent  acid


Endured  anguish  of

 the gory bloodshed…

  Ever inflicting carnage

   Mutilated sensibilities…


Shell-shocked are they

on  my  stark  silence

  instead   of  expected

   hysterical cachinnations


How ruefully  are

they   unfamiliar

  with the process

   of   making  gold…!


© Captain Pravin Raghuvanshi, NM


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