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Shri Jagat Singh Bisht

(Master Teacher: Happiness & Well-Being, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer,  Author, Blogger, Educator and Speaker.)

Laughter Yoga Learning Video for the Beginners 

This is a laughter yoga learning video for those who would like to lead laughter yoga sessions on their own. Especially those who have attended a session or two of Laughter Yoga and are fascinated by the concept. This video will give them all the basics in the right perspective and enable them to be good Laughter Yoga anchors/ leaders/ teachers.

It is one of the most beautiful and simple videos on the topic and has been watched widely the world over. Many Laughter Yoga leaders/ teachers have learned and benefited from it.


Probationary/ Trainee Officers from all over India come to State Bank Foundation Institute (Chetana), Indore on a regular basis for their initial grooming. All of them have a brief tryst with Laughter Yoga during their stay here. Some days ago, Shiva Prasad K and Barane Tharan expressed desire to conduct laughter sessions on their own when they are back home. They organized a brief learning session encompassing the 4 basic steps of laughter yoga and videographed it. Hope, this video will be useful for all those who have attended a laughter yoga session or two and wish to conduct laughter sessions on their own. Love and Laughter..


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