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Happiness Activities​

Lesson 5 

As we know by now, 50% of happiness is in our genes, 10% depends on the circumstances of life and the rest 40% can be cultivated by us by taking up activities, intentionally and voluntarily, that bring joy and happiness.

These intentional activities we call Happiness Activities.

You can find activities that fit your interests, your values and your needs.

Let us classify and list a few activities to make it clear:

Everyone needs to spare time regularly for at least one activity to take care of the body, mind and soul. It may be aerobics, yoga, meditation, walking, or any of the physical exercises.

Stress is the major concern in modern life. One needs to learn how to cope with stress, trauma, and hardships of life.

Finding flow and living in the present is the surest path to authentic happiness. You can choose a happiness activity that helps you enhance flow experience.

You can enrich your life by developing positive relationships and by broadening social connections.

Committing to your goals and a committed goal pursuit leads to accomplishments, thus enhancing your happiness quotient.

You may want to enhance your positive emotions about the past by practicing gratitude or your positive emotions about the future by practicing optimism.

We will be taking up some proven happiness activities from each of these sections in our subsequent lessons.

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