Shri Suraj Kumar Singh

☆ A Strange Reunion ☆ 

Mounted on a saddled black horse, the bludgeoned knight came to his old friend.
The old friend that was the sea celebrated the knight’s homecoming. The expression of its joy in the form of tumultuous waves was enchanting.
“Oh dear knight, my good old friend you were born here, you grew here and you left only to come back! What pursuit you endeavoured that you took  a sabbatical from a playful innocent dream you saw with me? 
The knight replied, “The pursuit of truth my friend! To pierce through the melancholy of mortal existence and to know that anything acquired is not carried forever! It gets lost with the winds of time. What remains till the last breathe is the gift of God! Memories but not times, service but not conquests, souls but not people! No one can take them away
I have laid down my sabre which had engravings of accounts of my so-called victories and obituaries of the fallen warriors who dared to stand against it as I myself have become one”
The sea said “In the end you stand emancipated my dear you have emerged victor in the test of time. Find peace in the splashes of my incessant waves and the touch of the gushing winds for the selfless services you’ve rendered as a true sentinel, considering victory as your profession…!

© Suraj Kumar Singh, Ranchi


≈ Editor – Shri Hemant Bawankar/Editor (English) – Captain Pravin Raghuvanshi, NM ≈

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