Shri Suraj Kumar Singh


(Mr. Suraj Kumar Singh is a young and dynamic author.  He is also an editor of “Young Literati”  (E-Magazine). Today, we present an excellent story “The creator and the destroyer”


☆ The creator and the destroyer ☆


Once, the Creator joined the Destroyer for tea. Seated high above in what theists call heaven they started discussing about the creations and destruction tools whose emergence wasn’t their business at all.

“Hey Destroyer, did you see that?” The Creator tried to point out towards one thing out of billion other things going on.

“See what?” The Destroyer asked in dismay.

“Humans used chemical weapons in Syria that affected many innocents!”

“I know dear but I want to make it loud and clear that I am not responsible.” The destroyer’s face looked as if he sought acquittal.

“Hmm…. neither am I, my friend. It’s them.”

The discussion deepened further. “The only mistake of ours isn’t keen on correcting itself as we thought. It rather wants to correct us! And their interference has no limit. In fact, I can admit in all seriousness that it is more than possible that man will learn to bend time and space, travel across times, open gateways to other dimensions and multiverses. And in their quest to find answers they might come and knock our doors someday. If that happens then they might replace us too.” Creator presented his speculation and summed up his view to which Destroyer replied, “But we aren’t responsible for their miseries. Why would they think we deserve punishment at all? They are the results of our creations so why would they punish us for their own wrongdoings. They can’t replace us. They can’t punish us.”

The Creator added, “No my dear, I have no objection with humans taking over our places but I highly doubt that they would be able to carry out our tasks and maintain the balance. Not because they are any less able than us but because their greed, anger, ego, jealousy etc will never allow them to make right decisions.”

“Now this, my friend, is a question which even a gaze into the future won’t help to answer. Only the moment of their arrival will tell.”


© Suraj Kumar Singh, Ranchi

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When a few words holds an ocean of meaning, such types of works are created. Short, crisp and infused with deep thoughts. Kudos!