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(Master Teacher: Happiness & Well-Being, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Author, Blogger, Educator, and Speaker.)

☆ Happiness Activity: A Short Talk on Happiness (In Hindi) ☆ 

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Happiness Activity: A Short Talk on Happiness (In Hindi)

People usually ask: where does happiness lie? Is it inside us or in the outside world? Or, is it somewhere else?

In this video, the speaker attempts to answer this question from the viewpoint of the science of happiness – positive psychology.

50% of our happiness is in our genes – inside us. It is known as the happiness set point.

10% of our happiness depends on the circumstances of life like marital status, age, gender, education, job, country etc.

40% of our happiness depends on our voluntary actions – what we choose to do for ourselves in life.

Happiness lies partly within us and partly in the external world.

Happiness also lies “in between” – in between you and your loved ones, in between you and your work or hobby and in between you and the meaning you have assigned to your life.



A Pathway to Authentic Happiness, Well-Being & A Fulfilling Life! We teach skills to lead a healthy, happy and meaningful life.

The Science of Happiness (Positive Psychology), Meditation, Yoga, Spirituality and Laughter Yoga. We conduct talks, seminars, workshops, retreats and trainings.

Please feel free to call/WhatsApp us at +917389938255 or email if you wish to attend our program or would like to arrange one at your end.

Jagat Singh Bisht : Founder: LifeSkills

Master Teacher: Happiness & Well-Being; Laughter Yoga Master Trainer
Past: Corporate Trainer with a Fortune 500 company & Laughter Professor at the Laughter Yoga University.
Areas of specialization: Behavioural Science, Positive Psychology, Meditation, Five Tibetans, Yoga Nidra, Spirituality, and Laughter Yoga.

Radhika Bisht ; Founder : LifeSkills  
Yoga Teacher; Laughter Yoga Master Trainer

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