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E-Abhivyakti welcomes Shri Abhimanyu Chaudhary. Presently he is working in a leading position in the Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi.  He has completed his MBA from T A  Pai Institute of Management, Manipal. Blogging is his hobby.  He has followed Corona, COVID-19 very minutely right from the beginning. He is trying to explain each and everything which you want to know about COVID-19.  How will the world transition to normal? We are reproducing this very important blog from his blog Fresh Morning Brew – Newsworthy stories. You are requested to follow his updates on the topic on his following blog link for his regular updates:

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☆ How will the world transition to normal? ☆

COVID-19, like other pandemics, will pass. Even if the new infections continue to rise today, and there seems to be no end in sight, it certainly will be over. And the world will be normal again.

As we go about our daily lives, do we worry about hundreds of deadly diseases which exist in the world? Knowing these diseases have killed millions and continue to kill many more? No, because they are known enemies, we know how to tame, manage, cure or avoid them. Medicines, vaccines, treatments, and lab tests exist to detect, treat, cure, contain and ward off these diseases. COVID-19 will be no exception.

Let’s look at some reasons to be hopeful:
  • We continue to learn more about the virus, its genome, symptoms, how it impacts the body, how it transmits, and how to treat the infected. Although there is lot to be learnt, research is underway to further our understanding
  • Government and social response is in line with the threat we face. Wearing masks, online classes for children, work from home, lock-down, quarantine, social distancing are the new normal. People across the globe understand the risks and are taking precautions to stop the spread
  • More people are getting tested, this improves our response to treat, quarantine, isolate or trace contacts early on
  • We learn from the experience of other countries, and adopt their best practices. South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and UAE are few examples where COVID-19 was contained well. It serves as a blueprint for the rest
  • Healthcare system is building capacity – isolation rooms, supply of PPE, ventilators, test kits etc. Production is ramped up to meet growing demand, more players are joining the race to meet supply shortages
  • Development of vaccineanti-viral, and plasma treatments are underway. We shouldn’t expect overnight miracles, but it can be available few months down the line. And will be a decisive weapon in the fight against COVID-19
  • Be cautious but don’t panic, majority of the infected people recover from the virus
  • It’s likely that those who have recovered from the infection will develop some level of immunity

While there are reasons to be hopeful we must remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. It will take time, and united efforts from all to win against this virus.

How will your country go back to normal? Gradually.

The pandemic normal will continue even after the lock-down is lifted.
  • First evidence that the spread is contained in your community is when new infections come down, and stabilize for a reasonable period of time. Rigorous testing will not catch new infections. Number of people getting discharged will exceed hospital admissions. These are the signs that contamination has stopped
  • Lock-down will be relaxed in phases, in a manner that economic activity can be resumed gradually, as risk of second wave remains high. Offices, malls and public transport will resume at limited capacity
  • Face masks will remain ubiquitous, social distancing at public places, hand washing, sanitizing will continue. Thermal screening and disinfection at commercial and residential buildings, malls, public transport will also continue
  • Its likely governments will increase surveillance to monitor health status, track travel history, and enforce mandatory quarantine. China has implemented AliPay Health Code to this effect. An individual’s risk of exposure to the virus will be continuously monitored, high risk individuals will be quarantined mandatory.
  • Outdoor activities will carry some level of risk, people will actively avoid crowded places.

Abhimanyu Chaudhary

Abu Dhabi 

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समीक्षा तैलंग

Very nice article. Congrats Abhimanyu 💐💐