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(Young author Shri Divyanshu Shekhar writes poems, stories, plays and scripts in Hindi and English. His first collection of poems  “Zindagi – ek chalchitra” was published in May 2017 and first English Novel “Too Close – Too Far” in December 2018. Today we present his article “Maintaining a Healthy Relationship”)

☆ Maintaining a Healthy Relationship ☆

In this modern world “How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship?” should be the most important topic to understand even more than Love and Life. Why it is so important?

We can give a simple formula that two honest, attracted, and interested people forms and maintain a good relationship. Is it that simple? No! we all know, that unfortunately, it’s not. Because maintaining takes more than forming, but why?

According to me, a relationship can’t be formed in one day, it’s like a continuous workout. If you want to get the shape you have to be consistent, you have to invest for it for long.

For example, lots of people join the Gym and within a few days when they don’t notice the change and even if they do according to their expectations, they quit. But in reality, it takes time to get that shape and lifelong to maintain that shape.

Similarly to get the best shape of the relationship we have to work for it, for lifelong because it’s a kind of process, not just a result. Obviously, a relationship without trust and respect is just a matter of need and greed but for a healthy relation, we have to make a continuous investment similar to our fitness.

If I ask you a question, what is the most unique thing? Lots of people will come up with answers, a person, or an idea. But lots of research says that at the same time few people carry the same characteristics even thought process, even we can observe and feel it.

So, you know what’s the most unique thing, a Relationship! between two people.

Those two persons might be quite similar or different but the relationship between them is always unique. So, we should celebrate that uniqueness and avoid comparison with the relationship of other people, even with other relationships in our personal life.

At last, I want to say that a longer relationship is not about the special events, not about the high intensity, not even about the deep feelings. It’s about consistency, trust and respect, and all three demands time.


© Divyanshu Shekhar

Kolkata (West Bengal)

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