Captain Pravin Raghuvanshi, NM

(We are extremely thankful to Captain Pravin Raghuvanshi Ji for sharing his literary and artworks with e-abhivyakti.  An alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, Capt. Pravin has served the country at national as well international level in various fronts. Presently, working as Senior Advisor, C-DAC in Artificial Intelligence and HPC Group; and involved in various national-level projects.

We present an English Version of Shri Sanjay Bhardwj’s Hindi Poetry “ सूर्यदेव” published in today’s edition as ☆ संजय दृष्टि  – सूर्यदेव् ☆  We extend our heartiest thanks to Captain Pravin Raghuvanshi Ji for this beautiful translation.   )

☆ Suryadev ☆

Suryadev, the Lord Sun, means *certified truth of amazing, unique (Almighty) visible through the eyes.* Sun entering the planetary house of Capricorn sign or Capricorn transition is important from all angles, especially, with the point of view of astronomy, geography, spirituality, philosophy etc.

Uttarayan is the arrival of this divine light beam near the northern hemisphere.  Uttarayana is  the contraction of the period of darkness and expansion of light. Naturally in this period, the days will be bigger and the nights will be shorter.

Bigger day leads to more opportunities *for illumination*, bigger consciousness, larger scope for action.

The representative of the determined resolution to have more action is the consumption of substances made of sesame and jaggery.

The implication is that the energy of sesame and the sweetness of jaggery remain resplendent in our thoughts, words and deeds…

*From the darkness, lead me to the effulgent light!*


*Eternal wishes for Makar Sankranti / Uttarayan / Bhogali Bihu / Maghi / Pongal / Khichdi.*


© Captain Pravin Raghuvanshi, NM

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