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☆ Happiness Activity – The Five Tibetans ☆ 

Five Dynamic Exercises from the Himalayas for Health, Happiness and Well-being.

Physical exercise is good for health. Everyone knows that. Positive psychologists have discovered that physical exercise increases your happiness and well-being too.

Physical activity is one of the scientifically proven methods for taking care of your body.

In this video, we are sharing with you one of the most effective and profound techniques of physical exercise, known as the Five Tibetans.

People from all age groups can learn it, do it, easily. And most important, it can be practiced daily without any difficulty.




The Five Rites of Rejuvenation, or simply The Five Tibetans, are five yogic exercises practiced by the Tibetan Lamas in the Himalayas.

These five dynamic exercises enhance health, energy, and vitality.

The five yogic exercises are reputed to strengthen the body, regenerate the mind, and stem the aging process.

Regular practice of these postures, tunes and energizes the chakras, and leads to deep relaxation and well-being.

They take only a minimum of daily time and effort, but dramatically increase flexibility of the body as well as mental sharpness.

In the beginning, start out with five repetitions of each exercise. Build your practice at your own pace. It takes nearly every beginner a month or longer to work up to the full twenty-one repetitions.

According to Chris Kilham, “The Five Tibetans are ideally practiced twenty-one times each.”

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Jagat Singh Bisht : Founder: LifeSkills

Master Teacher: Happiness & Well-Being; Laughter Yoga Master Trainer
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Areas of specialization: Behavioural Science, Positive Psychology, Meditation, Five Tibetans, Yoga Nidra, Spirituality, and Laughter Yoga.

Radhika Bisht ; Founder : LifeSkills  
Yoga Teacher; Laughter Yoga Master Trainer

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