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(It is difficult to comment about young author Mr Ashish Kumar and his mythological/spiritual writing.  He has well researched Hindu Philosophy, Science and quest of success beyond the material realms. I am really mesmerized.  I am sure you will be also amazed.  We are pleased to begin a series on excerpts from his well acclaimed book  “Samudramanthanam” .  According to Mr Ashish  “Samudramanthanam is less explained and explored till date. I have tried to give broad way of this one of the most important chapter of Hindu mythology. I have read many scriptures and take references from many temples and folk stories, to present the all possible aspects of portrait of Samudramanthanam.”  Now our distinguished readers will be able to read this series on every Saturday.)    

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☆ Weekly Column – Samudramanthanam – 16 – Ear  Rings ☆ 

On bright evening of Kartika maas, Krishna paksha Asthmi or Ahoi asthmai evening, churning was on decent pace.

A servant came in between, offered  salute to Brahma, and all the sages, and also to Suras and Asura and made himself to stand comfortably at the place from where he can communicate to all perfectly. Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are not actually all time physically present at the site of churning of ocean means at ‘Kshirasāgara’ but they keep coming as and when required. Only Brahma from Trimurtis was present there all the time.

So that servant said, “All the holder and sustainer of universe, two mothers, mother of Sura or Devtas or Adityas ‘Aditi’ and mother of Asuras or Danavas or Rakshasas ‘Diti’ wants to see this churning. So, they sent  me to take permission of Lord Brahma, his husband great kashyapa rishi and all other great sages including Saptarishis”

Lord Brahmas said, “it will be delightful for both the mothers to watch their children playing game of churning of ocean together although both mothers sons have different qualities just opposite to each other. And also, both mothers will help us to make peace when Sura and Asura do arguement or fight together. Our permission to bring them here with all respect but most important is permission of their husband sage ‘kashyapa’ is required.”

Sage Kashyapa said, “My father Brahma, you desire and command is order for me. Indeed, I was thinking over it to invite both the mothers. O! Noble servant go to the gate of palace of both mothers Devi ‘Aditi’ and Devi ‘Diti’ and tell their females servants about the command of Lord Brahma and our desire”

After some time two seats  were placed for two mothers on which ‘Aditi’ the mother of Sura and ‘Diti’ the mother of Asura were now watching the great churning of ocean ‘Kshirasāgara’.

Now both the team started churning again. This time ‘Indira’ and ‘Bali’ doing with proper tameness. Main focus of both the kings is keep in mind that their mothers and common father were watching them.

Soon a sound like some metal collided with rock came and both ‘Bali’ and ‘Indira’ fell from their place. Other Sura moved forward to hold ‘Indira’ similarly some Asura ran fast to hold ‘Bali’. After making themselves comfortable over a place of rock at one side of ‘Kshirasāgara’ both ‘Indira’ and ‘Bali’ saw that a big ring of most precious metal and gems are fixed and jam around their foots.

One Sura from Indira side and one Asura from Bali side hold legs of Indira and Bali respectively and remove those rings from their foot and kept them aside.

Bali asked from Lord Brahma, “Brahma are these two rings also the outcomes of churning or just came at my and Indira foots like a waste of ocean”

Before a single word is said by Brahma soon an image appears from ocean. It was the god of ‘Kshirasāgara’ himself, who arrived from ocean for special propose. ‘Kshirasāgara’ saluted to all the respected people present there and then said, “All of you, those two rings are our gift to the Goddess ‘Aditi’. We want to donate them to her.”

As ‘Kshirasāgara’ said these words soon those two rings fly in sky and reached  near goddess ‘Aditi’ ears. ‘Aditi’ slightly down her head to accept both the rings. Then both the rings go and fixed on the ears.

It was insult for ‘Diti’ that god of ‘Kshirasāgara’ given ear rings to ‘Aditi’ and not to ‘Diti’. She left that place with anger and behind her Aditi also left that place.

Then ‘Bali’ said from anger, “this ocean has done insult of my mother. I’ll will burn it and make it lifeless. Also till now this ocean is doing partiality and we haven’t received any gift from him as an outcome of churning. We are accepting all challenges and making all our efforts to make this churning successful but it seems to me that this churning is only to give advantages to Sura and Indira only”

After saying this ‘Bali’ do concentration and soon a very deadly weapon come at the hand of him. He was about to throw that over ocean ‘Kshirasāgara’ no one is able to stop him. All People present there go to panic.

Soon a hand stops the hand of ‘Bali’ to throw that deadly weapon over ocean.

© Ashish Kumar

New Delhi

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