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(It is difficult to comment about young author Mr Ashish Kumar and his mythological/spiritual writing.  He has well researched Hindu Philosophy, Science and quest of success beyond the material realms. I am really mesmerized.  I am sure you will be also amazed.  We are pleased to begin a series on excerpts from his well acclaimed book  “Samudramanthanam” .  According to Mr Ashish  “Samudramanthanam is less explained and explored till date. I have tried to give broad way of this one of the most important chapter of Hindu mythology. I have read many scriptures and take references from many temples and folk stories, to present the all possible aspects of portrait of Samudramanthanam.”  Now our distinguished readers will be able to read this series on every Saturday.)    

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☆ Weekly Column – Samudramanthanam – 19 – Dhanvantari ☆ 

Now the churning of ‘Kshirasāgara’ is looking balance and both the teams doing it again with full enthusiasm with lots of hopes.

Pushing and pulling of Vasuki Naga over mount Mandara is going on. Descend air is blowing all around. That air is giving both the teams new and fresh energy. After sometime a dark smoke start appearing behind that gentle air. Smoke with poison touch which makes to take breath uncomfortable.

In between that dark smoke some figure started appearing in sky. It was looking like someone of black color is coming. Then a face of Buffalo was visible and all Sura and Asura start shivering from fear. The God of dharma and death ‘Yumraj’ was coming from south direction.

Indira started thinking in his mind, “I think Yamraj is coming to punish me”

Then ‘Indira’ started chanting name of Lord Vishnu silently.

Yamraj sitting over his Buffalo came near Indira stopped there and then moved forward. Face of Yamraj was looking like he is firing from anger.

Then Yamraj reaches where Spatrishis and other sage standing. Yamraj bow down his head in front of them due to respect and then all sage given him blessings. Then Yamraj moved further and his Buffalo stopped just in front of Lord Brahma and he said with folded arms, “My father please accept my salutation”

Lord Brahma said, “my blessings with you, keep following your Dharam. Yamraj your presence here is not a good sign. Please tell me reason of your arrival because all Sura and Asura are looking lifeless due to your fear”

Yamraj said, “Brahma, my father from past many years neither Devtas nor Danvas are doing their job, due to which life is disturbed on earth, because of which people whose life is not completed dyeing and those whose life is completed not dying because all Sura are here for which our Yamdooth, messenger of Yamraj have to kill them. I am very confused. So, I have decided to take all these Sura and Asura to ‘Yamloka’ otherwise you tell me some solution of my problem because currently I am unable to do my duty for which I have to face its result as law of karma. My restless is increasing with each passing moment”

Brahma said, “my son Yamraj all this is Maya of Narayana and only he can give relief from your mind turmoil.

Then Yamraj started doing pronounce name of Lord Vishnu with close eyes. Soon Lord Vishnu appeared in front of Yamraj with smile.

Then Lord Vishnu said, “Yamraj, nature is not permanent, in one or other aspect its keeps changing every time and evaluation of nature is basic requirement to sustain any society for long time. Sometimes we have to accept small losses for the period of some time to get long term advantages. The final outcome of this churning of ‘Kshirasāgara’ is for all the lives of earth. Don’t you worry we will pause time for human so that their karma will not effect. Soon a very special god will emerge from this ocean who will help people to cure them from disease and any kind of suffering. And from today person who lit Diya at south direction of home will not face sudden death of himself/ herself and their family. That Diya will be called yam Dipkam, candle of Yamraj and this day will be called Yam Triyodashi or Yam Deepam”

© Ashish Kumar

New Delhi

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